Are you training for a Spartan DEKA event  or just wanting to get in a great workout?

What is DEKA Fit?

Our DEKA Fit classes are 45 minute, community-based classes that will help you reach your goals for any Spartan DEKA challenges or just help you stay active.  You will get to experience MyZone, a heart rate monitoring system, to ensure that you are always in your target heart rate range to see the results you want to achieve. With your data live streamed during workouts, you will be held accountable not only from yourself, but your coaches, and everyone in the DEKA Fit Community.

What’s Included:

  • Detailed programming utilizing all DEKA zones & equipment

  • Prepare you for DEKA Strong, DEKA Mile and DEKA Fit

  • Community Based Training 

  • Burn Fat and Gain Muscle

  • Multiple Daily Class times  

  • One on One instructions on technique & strategy to improve efficiency

  • Baseline test to see your progression 

Are you ready to COMMIT? What are you waiting for?

To register for our Spartan DEKA Fit training program just